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Satya Nilayam Journal Published

Event Date : 2015-10-16

Titles of the volumes of Satya Nilayam: Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy
Volume 1: New Ontologies
Volume 2: Hybridity
Volume 3 Aesthetics
Volume 4: Major Trends in 20th Century Philosophy Outside Europe
Volume 5: Sources of Knowledge
Volume 6: Role of Committed intellectuals
Volume 7: Human Genetics
Volume 8: Forms of Philosopizing
Volume 9: Human Rights
Volume 10: Creation of Wealth and Values
Volume 11: Concept of Just War
Volume 12: Investigating Religion
Volume 13: Protest Movements
Volume 14: On Violence and Terror
Volume 15: Human Emancipation
Volume 16: Women in Philosophy
Volume 17: Human Person :Various Perspectives
Volume 18: Family in Multicultural Soceity
Volume 19: Deconstructing Indian Reality: A Subaltern Perspective
Volume 20: Science and Culture: Intercultural Perspectives
Volume 21: Philosophical Theology: Multiple Perspectives
Volume 22: Culture Consciousness: Dalit and Black Identities Construction
Volume 23: Philosophical Theology: Tamil Perspectives
Volume 24: Relevance of Religion in Contemporary Times: Explorations and Experiments.
Volume 25: Investigating Religious Diversity
Volume 26 Identity and Relationality in a Technocratic Society
Volume 27 The Marriage and Family through Changing Times
Volume 28 Intersections: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Gender
Volume 29: Philosophizing India : Tasks and Prsopects
Volume 30 Philosophy, Science and Technology



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